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Tabby Designers - Behind the brand

Top Row: Elizabeth McDonald | Leah Bailey Bottom Row: Debbie Basnett | Linn Gresham | Lily Brown

Brought to you by the accomplished designers of The Design House in Savannah, TABBY Home offers a curated collection of Gracious Living + Luxury Home items that reflect a lowcountry sensibility with European poise. Started in 2007, The Design House is home to the five most recognized interior designers in the Lowcountry. By sourcing and selecting items from their own projects, travels, and homes, TABBY hopes to add thoughtful luxury to your life.

When looking to name our brand of gracious living + luxury home we simply looked to the beauty around us. TABBY is the most gorgeous historic building material and we see it almost every day around Savannah, Palmetto Bluff, Beaufort, Charleston, and the low country. Originally used by the Early Spanish explorers, TABBY is a special concrete made by combining oyster shells with lime, water, sand, and ash. It is often seen on walls, sidewalks, pillars, and garden ornaments. We especially love how it looks after 200 years, slightly crumbled, with resurrection fern and moss growing on it. The textures, colors, mix of ingredients, and undeniable strength of TABBY have an aesthetic and symbolic appeal to us as we share the best of the Lowcountry with the world.